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Bring Love Into Your Right Now

Updated: Jul 24

There is no past. The past is an illusion. It is only alive because you give it life through thought & energetic focus. The only thing that exists is right now. And right now. And right now. You create from right now. You create based on your energy surrounding your right now. Bring love and light into your right now. Do your best to allow yourself to feel being present in your right now moment. Do your best to bring everything into its highest vibration. Imagine everything elevating and getting better and better. You may choose to do specifics or generalizations. Your right now is a gift and everything you experience in your day to day is a gift. All of your experiences show you how you are creating and what you are choosing to focus on… is your focus on the past, on the future, or on your right now (which creates the future?) Relax in the knowing that you begin everything from many different right now points of your day and your life. As you are reading this, open your awareness up to the idea that you can choose to create better and higher vibratory right nows. The more you focus on this, the better your right nows will become. Enjoy your day and bring love into everything you are, do, and see.

With the highest love and intentions


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