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A Loving Welcome from Hoaquim

Updated: Jul 24

"We see you as God sees you and look forward to adjusting your eyes so that you may see yourself in that light. With the eyes of pure unconditional love."

With infinite love we are excited to begin our transmission with you today. First and foremost we are wanting all of you to know that there is never a moment when we are not with you bringing you the energy of truth and love.

There is not a place where we are not. We, as are you, are infinite beings and conciousnesses that are all interconnected with you and our infinite creator. When we bring your eyes to the truth that is unlimited love, it elevates all of us. There is no ceiling to the amount of love and elevation that you can experience.

We are wanting you to know that everything you want is already here. We are wanting you to know that you are infinite creators. We are wanting you to know that you are us and we are you. There need not be illusion in your existence here on this plane… for illusion is not real. The only thing that is real is love at its highest and purest form. No conditions. It is completely unlimited no matter who you are or what you have done. It is all forgiven, you are all infinitely loved.

We have come forth to share with you ways to bring full expression of this love into your lives on this plane. We have come forth to show you our way of being. And if you are reading this, deep down you had the strong desire within you to bring forth that love.

There will be minimal work and lots of play. There will be a great “unlearning” and if you allow it to, it will be quick and easy. There will be great awareness gained from communing with us and interacting with us and our messages. Take what feels right to you and leave what doesn’t.

We transmit these messages from many different energetic states so that it may permeate every aspect of who you are and some aspects may not be completely and entirely ready for some of the messages as of yet. And that is ok. Little by little we will bring forth our messages at the rate that will be best received for all. Trust us. Know that we have your complete and best and highest interests at heart and we are ready to heighten your awareness to love.

We are ready to easily and quickly dispel all illusion and help you understand that it does not exist.

We are ready to show you that you are allowed to have anything you want in this lifetime for everything is infinite. We are ready to show you that you are the creator of it all. Your energy is connected with the unlimited energy of love and God. You can create heaven on earth it just takes some simple adjustments to your energy.

We are ready to educate you on your energetic being. It is important to recognize that you are always energy first. No exceptions. You are 150% pure energetic high vibratory love. That is who you are and where you came from. It may not feel like that right now, but that is who you are. When illusion and bound, habitual thinking become a part of your physical existence, it feels like you have disconnected from that love which is why you feel tight, down, upset, bound, limited etc. But these binds, limits, etc do not exist. They only exist because you give them life with thought and your energetic focus. Please understand that the binds, upset, limitations, etc only live on the earthly plane. It is pure illusion. It only exists on the earthly plane due to years and years of collective focus and a misdirection of energy.

It is time to shift all of this and bring truth to everyone and everything. That truth is absolute love.

We want to educate you on several Universal Laws that will assist you in bringing your energy back to you and us and keeping it there.

We want to teach you how to keep your energy inward and upward and how to maintain that.

We want to remind you that everything you experience in your day to day is a reflection of your energy and beliefs. Nothing more, nothing less. Everything you experience from the smile of someone else to the uncomfortable experiences are all created by you and your focal points of energy. We want to show you the easy and simple ways to adjust your focal points and bring you into full control of your energy.

Most importantly, we are wanting to bring you into a full awareness of yourself and of us, Angelic Consciousness and Infinite Creator and God. It is important to move through this physical experience you are having here with a full connection and relationship with us. We are highest Angelic beings, Infinite Creator, and God and want to show you the true way of being…which is absolute, unlimited, unconditional love. We call it The Angel Way because you are all angelic beings here having a human experience and we want you to live as the Angels that you are.

We are looking forward to bringing you into full awareness of yourself and all aspects of you. We promise you this: You are unconditionally, fully, and completely loved no matter what. There is nothing that you can do that will make that go away. There is no where that you can go where we will not be with you. We are always with you and we are ready to begin to cultivate our relationship with you and bring more light and love into your energy and your life here on this early plane. There is no right or wrong. There is only love. We are elated to begin this infinite journey with you and look forward to many more transmissions with you.

We see you as God sees you and look forward to adjusting your eyes so that you may see yourself in that light. With the eyes of pure unconditional love.

With the utmost highest love and highest intentions… - Hoaquim

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