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Hello! It is so nice to meet you! I am Elysse, the creator of The Angel Way. I am a Channel, A Medium, An Energy Elevator, A Coach, A Leader, A Spiritual Teacher, Inspirer, and Uplifter. I am a channel for the Highest Order of Angels & The Infinite Creator. To keep it simple, They refer to themselves as Hoaquim. Which translates to Established by God. They chose Hoaquim to help us remember that we are all established by God. Hoaquim is comprised of infinite amounts of Angels, God, Jesus, and Masters. 

As a channel for Hoaquim, I can hear, see, & feel them. I relay their inspiring messages through channeled speaking & writing. They are always with me ready and excited to provide their amazing loving guidance. The Angel Way has been created with the intention to inspire others to cultivate a loving & lasting relationship with their Highest Selves, Angels, & The Infinite Creator, teach about the Law of Infinite Love, and show them how to live "The Angel Way."

This relationship is the most important one you will have. It sets a strong foundation for amazing and miraculous experiences & creations. I have been guided and shown that the only thing that is real is Love. Anything other than that is illusion. Life is not meant to be full of fear, anxiousness, and uncertainties.

Life is meant to be filled with the unlimited Love of the Universe. It is meant to be happy and filled with love, light, ease, and happiness. In order to open the door to this, a relationship with your Highest Self, Angels, & The Infinite Creator is imperative. They see the grander picture. They know the quickest and easiest way to accessing that love and they are ready for us to allow them in. They are ready to show us how to live “The Angel Way.” I look forward to sharing all of this amazing guidance with you through Weekly Channeled Recordings, Energy Attunements, Channeled Blog Posts, Posts about my experiences with HOAC, Daily Inspirational Messages, Guided Meditations, and The Angel Way Podcast (Coming Soon!) If you have a question for the Angels, feel free to submit it and I will include it on my blog!

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