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Angelic Guidance and Teaching of the Highest Love, Growth, & Expansion

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Hello! It is so nice to meet you! I am Elysse, the creator of The Angel Way. I am a Channel, A Medium, A Leader, A Teacher, and Inspirer. I am a channel for the Highest Order of Angels & The Infinite Creator.  They refer to themselves as Hoaquim. Which translates to: Established by God.  Here I share their loving messages through Blog Posts, Weekly Channeled Recordings, Meditations, Energy Attunements and more! Their main intention is to inspire us to live The Angel Way, cultivate a loving & lasting relationship with our Highest Selves, Angels, & The Infinite Creator, and bring awareness to everyone's truth. That truth is that love is the only thing that exists...everything else is illusion. Through their messages, they gently and lovingly help us to open up to that truth.

Image by Guillaume Galtier
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Want Daily Angelic Guidance? Subscribe below!

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